AUD 30 per day

AUD 210 per week

Medium Cars

AUD 47 per day

AUD 329 per week

Large Cars

AUD 66 per day

AUD 462 per week

8 Seaters

AUD 90 per day

AUD 630 per week

14 Seaters

AUD 125 per day

AUD 875 per week

4x2 Single Cab

AUD 55 per day

AUD 385 per week

Vans 1.5 T

AUD 80 per day

AUD 560 per week

Trucks 3 T

AUD 100 per day

AUD 840 per week


AUD 100 per day

AUD 700 per week

4X4 Double Cab

AUD 90 per day

AUD 630 per week

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